About Us

About Us

Multisport is a healthy sports program that provides your child an opportunity at all kinds of varied sporting activities. This program not only helps the child to develop an understanding and excel at different fields of sports, but also gives them a chance to learn their innate abilities. At the same time, this program develops a fitness regime for your child to begin with and enhance as they grow. The program also manages to add a dash of fun so that your child enjoys the session, wanting them to engage in the activity more.


Fitness is one of the most important aspects of a child’s growth. The level of fitness that they maintain during these crucial years of their life goes a long way in determining their physical and mental health as they grow older. That is why one of the three main focuses of our program is to engage your child in fitness activities that boost their level of physical and mental health. We use difference training activities to help your child achieve this level of fitness. These training activities center on exercises, stretching, balance training, obstacle courses and agility training. With these training activities, we hope to increase your child’s endurance, strength and stability—the three most important elements of fitness.


Apart from these regular training activities, we also like to use other methods to help increase the level of fitness in your children. One of these is to engage children in various sports like basketball, cricket, football and many more. These sports are not only essential to help maintain the level of fitness we aim to achieve in your children, but also help to increase hand eye coordination as well as motor skills. We do this by teaching them the basic skills of kicking, dribbling, catching, throwing, aiming, etc. Sports also help them engage in activities with other children, helping them to increase their coordination and communication skills with others as well as develop a feeling of team spirit in them.


The final focus of our program is fun. This element of fun helps us to make your children feel more enthusiastic and happy about what they do. It also helps them as well as you to go home satisfied knowing that your child has learnt something of importance and also had fun while doing so. We add this element of fun to the mix through various fun games and the use of props. This enthusiasm that we aim to develop also helps in developing their cognitive skills and encourages them to do more.


We use 20+ props to make the class fun and exciting and make sure age appropriate props are used

What does the child benefit from Multisport?

  • Develop basic skills in sports
  • Develop hand eye co-ordination
  • Develop motor skills
  • Develop a sense of confidence
  • Learn to participate in a group
  • Learn to find their inner leadership qualities
  • Learn to keep fit and always ready for activity
  • And most of all learn to have fun when doing different activities.


  • Loved the program, it is definitely the best tool for indoor and outdoor fitness combined with fun for kids. Multisport have revolutionised the way fitness is driven among kids!
    Ramya Bopaiah
    Center head, Shishukul
  • Multisport definitely has become a core curriculum at Legacy.. Every week, they create multiple fun activities that challenge children's physical abilities in a fun way..All the activities that they plan greatly helps in boosting their physical development.They have a natural knack to interact, boost and encourage our young ones. The children and also the teachers eagerly wait for their sessions. It is a great privilege to have Multisport as a part of our Co curricular team.. We wish them all the very best in their future endeavors!!!
    Elmina Jose, Early Childhood Educator
    Legacy Early Years, Whitefield - Bangalore