Welcome to MultiSport

A unique program to improve your child’s hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills


  • Loved the program, it is definitely the best tool for indoor and outdoor fitness combined with fun for kids. Multisport have revolutionised the way fitness is driven among kids!
    Ramya Bopaiah
    Center head, Shishukul
  • Multisport definitely has become a core curriculum at Legacy.. Every week, they create multiple fun activities that challenge children's physical abilities in a fun way..All the activities that they plan greatly helps in boosting their physical development.They have a natural knack to interact, boost and encourage our young ones. The children and also the teachers eagerly wait for their sessions. It is a great privilege to have Multisport as a part of our Co curricular team.. We wish them all the very best in their future endeavors!!!
    Elmina Jose, Early Childhood Educator
    Legacy Early Years, Whitefield - Bangalore